Who I am? Who we will be?

My name is Michele Luppi, a thirty year old Italian journalist (check out my Linkedin profile for more info). Some trips to Africa have helped me to understand how difficult it is to tell the stories of a such a large, diverse and evolving continent like Africa.

Dumbstruck by the Schuman Declaration, I realized that maybe I could focus on a different aspect. Not on the events concerning the two continents, but rather on their relationships.

Because if on one side, the interest of the media towards Africa has grown, on the other the topic of the relations between Africa and Europe remained on the edge.

Anyway, only a fool could think to be able to follow such a complex matter.

We will keep our eyes open on the dynamics affecting these two large organizations (European Union and the African Union) through all their agencies. 72 countries (54 African and 28 European, looking only to EU members) and their bilateral relations, without forgetting the role of people, associations and non-governmental organizations, churches and religious institutions, movements and individuals.

I have always believed in a proverb, common in different African cultures, which says: “Alone you go faster, but together we go farther. Nevertheless, at the same time, in Italy we’re used to say “better alone than in bad company“.

That’s why I started traveling alone, with the hope and the will to find soon – on the road – other fellow travelers to continue the journey with.

And so to get farther.

God willing – Inshallah.